Set up your baby’s nursery with ease.

Getting ready for a newborn baby can feel overwhelming at first, a whole new world has just opened up and there’s so much to get your head around: setting up the baby’s nursery; shopping for newborn essentials; figuring out how to tie your shoes in your third trimester. (tip: it’s not possible, like trying to lick your elbow) 

To help get you started, we’ve compiled some easy-reference checklists for the baby nursery, baby wardrobe; and hospital bag essentials. At Design Kids, we’ve personally been down this road once or twice (..well actually, 4 times) so you can rest assured we’ve learnt a few tricks along the way! Print the lists off, start making notes and really begin to tick off your main nursery purchase needs.

Our advice?  Start as early as you’re able so you can pace yourself. You’ll want that nursery set up by the beginning of that third trimester so that you can allow some to rest before baby arrives.  

Newborn Nursery Essentials Checklist

Nice to have in the nursery, but not essential

  • nursery rug
  • feeding pillow tip: whether you bottle or breast feed, your neck and shoulders will thank you!
  • night light
  • baby monitor (depends on how far away your bedroom is from baby as to whether you would need one)
  • toy basket tip: choose something soft and portable so you can easily move toys from room to room
  • hanging mobile
  • nursery canopy
  • nursery artwork 

    Newborn Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

    Be sure to buy according to the season and remember your baby will quickly outgrow newborn-sized clothes so buy a few different sizes. As a general rule: 0000 is newborn; 000 is 0-3 months; 00 is 3-6 months and 0 is 6-12 months. Wash and wear is best, in natural fibres where possible. We’ve said it before – babies are messy!

    • Singlets (8-10)
    • onesies/bodysuits (short / long sleeve) (8-10)
    • growsuits (4)
    • tops (2-3)
    • leggings (2-3)
    • cardigans (3)
    • beanies (2)
    • mittens (1-2)  these will baby scratching themselves
    • booties (1-2)
    • sleeping bag or sleep suit (2-3)
    • bibs (lots!)
    • special/dressy outfits (2)
    • Hooded baby towels
    • Soft wash cloths

    Hospital Bag Checklist

    You’re going to need a whole bunch of stuff for that tiny bundle of joy. But don’t worry, this list will have you sorted quick sticks.

    The first thing to mention is you must have an approved rear facing capsule in your car to take your baby home. It’s a good idea to have this safely and correctly installed well before the expected big day.

    Likewise, have your bag packed and ready and keep it near the front door. Write a list of the last minute things that still need to be added and place on top of the bag. If you need to leave in a rush, you won’t have to try to remember everything.

    For clothes for your baby, stick to basics. Learning to dress and undress your baby can be a steep learning curve, you won’t want to be fiddling with decorative buttons or complicated outfits. Trust us, your visitors won’t care in the slightest what she’s wearing, they’ll be staring into those sparkly newborn baby eyes.

    For Baby

    • singlets or onesies (2 per day)
    • growsuits (with closeable feet and hands) (2 per day)
    • sleeping bag or sleepsuit (1 per night)
    • swaddles / baby wraps (4)
    • mittens and booties (optional, if not buying sleepsuits with closed feet and hands)
    • beanies (2)
    • 1 warm baby blanket
    • 12 x nappies (newborn size) the hospital will supply some but will expect you to bring your own
    • nappy wipes
    • nappy cream
    • bibs (2-3 per day)
    • 2 white cloth nappies from Kmart for cleaning up spills and burping
    • Birth announcement plaque / outfit (nice to have but not necessary)
    • car seat installed in car for going home

    For You

    • comfortable clothes for birthing (large t-shirt or nighty)
    • loose fitting /maternity clothes (you won’t shrink back straight away)
    • PJ’s or nighties (it can get cold in hospitals, be sure to bring some layers)
    • front opening tops for easy access if you plan to breastfeed
    • warm socks
    • shoes to wear home
    • slippers
    • comfy bras / maternity nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed
    • large comfy undies (my faves were Bimby & Roy, I breastfed in their crop tops too, so good for hospital stay)
    • maternity pads! And have more stashed for when you come home!
    • Re-usable bamboo breast pads or these Pigeon breast pads
    • Hydrogel Breast Discs (these are amazing)
    • Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple balm - to help with sore nipples
    • shampoo/conditioner/body wash
    • deodorant (natural, fragrance free if possible)
    • hair dryer, brush, hair ties
    • facial skincare
    • toothbrush and toothpaste

    Other essentials

    • driver’s licence, Medicare card and private health insurance card
    • birth plan, if you have one
    • phone and chargers
    • water bottle and snacks to keep you going
    • camera if you'd prefer