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So chances are you've spent several months dreaming of the day you'll get to meet this baby. You've spent a fair bit of time (hopefully by now) sorting out your baby nursery and perhaps even snuck in a bit of well deserved rest. Packing your hospital bag is a really exciting time and in our experience, always nice to treat yourself to a few new items as a reward for your pregnancy journey! Go YOU! It's also nice to get onto packing that hospital bag to feel organised, so you can relax! You'll find a mix of practical yet super stylish maternity bag essentials that will have you ready to push it!!!
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Hilde Floral RobeHilde Floral Robe
$89 $139
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Reusable breast padsReusable breast pads
$19 $29
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Toiletry Stash Bag in Bird of ParadiseToiletry Stash Bag in Bird of Paradise
Toiletry stash bag in Ocean FloralToiletry stash bag in Ocean Floral
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Toiletry Stash Bag in Fleur FloralToiletry Stash Bag in Fleur Floral
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