You’re pregnant! Congratulations!

The next eight months will be the quickest and slowest of your life as you grow your beautiful little human. So what now? Here’s five things you can and should do now... 


Visit your GP

Calculate your due date and zip off to see your GP. This is a great time to think about your birthing options. If you want to see an obstetrician, you might need a referral. You’ll also need to get the ball rolling to book into your local hospital, especially if you plan to participate in a midwifery program. Chat to your doctor and partner about the best options for you. 

Start looking after you!

Your GP will likely ply you with some advice about what foods to avoid when your pregnant. Keeping the diet fresh and full of energy boosting nutrition will be super helpful to your pregnancy. Upping the fresh factor in your diet is good for you and bub. Including extra fruit and veg is a great place to start. It won’t always be perfect, and that’s ok, just do your best! 
Now is also the time to give up that Sunday lunch Pinot Gris. Actually, it’s a great time to reassess all those cheeky habits. Don’t worry, it’s not forever. Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be harmful, so time to park that for the next little while. Assessing your caffeine consumption is also a good idea. 
Including multi vitamins, especially folate is really important: your GP may suggest some additional supplements, such as vitamin D. Be sure to ask them. 
Lastly, keep drinking that glorious H20. Especially if you’re suffering from any ‘morning sickness’. Keeping hydrated, even when you feel like your bladder has become the size of a pee, is absolutely essential. 
We've also curated a great selection of pregnancy and post-partum wellbeing and health books here at Design Kids Australia - go to our For Mum section to see more. Definitely some great books and information sources here to begin your pregnancy journey. There’s also so many new pregnancy Apps available now, one I used through my recent pregnancy was Pregnancy+ There’s so many available but this worked well had a great, helpful weekly information to follow. Others we can recommend: What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker and BabyCentre Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development Countdown – both apps also free.



Tired! Oh yeah you are, or you will be. Those first trimester yawn-fests are real (don’t worry, you’ll likely perk up again in the second trimester). Get plenty of rest! Sneaky after work naps and weekend lie-ins are a must when you are growing a baby. Don’t push through it, your body is making magic, it NEEDS rest. Also, don’t worry if you’re completely knackered, it’s very normal to feel this way. 

Move it!

Keeping up with joyful movement is essential in pregnancy. We’re not suggesting training for a marathon, but pregnancy appropriate movement will help you throughout your pregnancy, during birth and recovery. Walking in nature is high on our list of feel good activities! Pilates, yoga, light weights and swimming are also fabulous; pre and postpartum. Make sure you mention to any of your instructors or trainers that you are pregnant so they can adjust any activities accordingly. Meditation can also be super beneficial during pregnancy. If you’re a beginner in this space, there are some great Apps available, specifically designed for pregnancy. Insight Timer and Calm are two of our favourite meditation Apps.

Is it too early to get organised with some baby gear?

Is it ever too early to get organised? Start thinking about where your baby room will be and that dream nursery design. Make a list of the big things you’ll need; cot, change table or dresser, nursing chair and storage. Make a mood board to include the soft furnishings you like such as throws, pillows and prints. Check out our insta page for some inspiration You have a few months to get it all together whilst you’re feeling energetic, but having a clear vision of what you like and need will make creating that dream nursery space a breeze!
Obviously this quick list is just the beginning. There is endless amounts of reading you can do to prepare you for bub and beyond. So much so, we’ve pulled together some of our fave books on the subject. So pop on the kettle, put your feet up and take a little squiz at the best baby books in the business (after you call the GP!)