I have a confession to make!

When we had our first baby we had no idea what we needed out of a nursing chair. I bought a chair for our Nursery solely based on looks alone!! Gah! What a mistake that was. Though it did looked amazing, the back support was atrocious, the chair seat too deep and it had a comfort factor of zero. After trying hopelessly to make it work, I ended up having to go out and find another more practical nursing chair. After years of nursing our four kids I now want to share with you our key learnings of what you should be looking for when purchasing your first nursing chair.

1. The height of the arms is really important when breast and bottle feeding - you’ll be resting your elbows on these alot! (Our specially designed nursing chairs are all made with this in mind. Cushioned arms positioned at the right height for relaxed feeding)

2. The angle and height of the back of your chair is paramount… you’re often sitting upright when nursing baby with your feet firmly on the ground.

3. Having additional lumbar support cushions is helpful… feeding places alot of strain on your back so is handy if you have cushions to support you as needed.

4. A nursery chair that glides or rocks is useful for gently soothing baby to sleep… once you've used one of our swivel gliders you'll understand. The smooth gliding motion is ever so gentle - believe us when we say they're the new style baby rocking chair!

5. A little extra width on the seat is helpful as baby grows for storytime and there'll be a lot of stories and cuddles in that chair over the years!

6. A chair that reclines and has a foot rest is an added bonus! If your nursing chair fully reclines with a foot rest it can double as a place to sleep (very, very handy!) We've had many parents feedback on our Kiwi Electronic Recliner & Swivel Glider as to how handy it is for this exact reason.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your Nursing Chair, so finding the perfect one that combines comfort, practicality and style should be a high priority.

The good news is, as parents ourselves, we have designed and sourced an array of Nursing Chairs that tick all these boxes!

Kiwi Electronic Recliner & Swivel Glider pictured above - Available in four fabrics Grey, Cream, Ivory Boucle and Coal.

Our stylish range of rocking chairs, swivel gliders, recliners and nursery chairs are all especially designed for extreme comfort and practicality whilst nursing your baby.

At Design Kids, you’ll find a wide collection of nursing chairs, feeding chairs, rocking chairs, nursery recliners and gliders that are specifically designed for you and baby.

No matter what you choose for your baby nursery, rocking your baby is a timeless act of parenthood that should be cherished. Holding onto a baby as they drift off to sleep in your arms is one of the first joys of parenting, and you just may experience it in the chair that you choose! Make it a good one! 

Toco Swivel Glider and Ottoman pictured above - Available in two colours  Black and White Boucle and Eco Beach

Kai Rocking Chair pictured above - Available in two colours Natural Eco Twill and Grey

Setting up your breastfeeding/bottlefeeding station next to your Nursing Chair is a fantastic idea when breastfeeding. A small side table to hold a glass of water or jug, breast pump or your phone to time and record your baby feeds initially is our hot tip!