Do you remember the moment you found out that you were pregnant? From that very second; probably without realising; you are forever changed. Because, it is this moment, an entire new dimension of your existence begins. And with it brings a rush of emotions, excitement, joy, perhaps relief, nerves and probably a little (warranted) fear.

Some days in the following months feel so flipping long; mostly because you are busting to meet that new love! But really, the time it takes to grow a real human, flies by. You’ll be day dreaming about the type of parent you will be, doing some intense pram and car seat research, a swag of vigorous cot and dresser shopping (side note, our site, has it all), you’ll be meticulous planning of that perfect nursery and trying not to think too deeply about the birth AND hopefully enjoying some good nutrition, joyful movement and much needed rest – we know they all say it, but sleep now, you won’t regret it.

And then the most anticipated time of your pregnancy is here. The time we all focus on and prepare for and worry about; the BIRTH! But the reality is, even if you have a 72 hour labour that feels like it will never, ever end, it’s actually the shortest (and admittedly most intense) part of your new journey. And when you feel like you have nothing left to give, you are handed a new life, that you made, from scratch and from this moment, there are TWO new arrivals; one you were patiently expecting - that glorious gift of your baby and low and behold the unexpected birth of a new YOU…  this heart-stopping, life-altering moment a new mother is born.

Your heart explodes and your new life and adventure of love begins.  And at first, your entire world seems like a blur of swelling and sore boobs and all the nappies and you’re wondering if you will ever sleep, ever again. BUT before you know it they are crawling, walking and calling you Mum.  And then; they are off to school, and they’re far too cool. You can’t get them out of bed or post photos of them on insta. Heck, they text more often than they actually talk to you, but it's a phase and like all the other ones before, it will change.  

And between the 4 billion loads of washing and more packed lunches than you care to think about and the 7 thousand hours of death defying driving lessons that have added literal years to your life; the time ticks by, faster and faster and the human you made is a human you have grown and you would BEG for those first few weeks back again; to love them again; albeit slower, with more intention and appreciation for what you created. Because even with all the time you’ve had together; it will never be enough and that is how you know, on that day; all that time ago; a mother was born.

Happy Mother's Day beautiful women.