Let me count the ways! There are so many things to consider: the design elements of style, theme and colour along with the nursery furniture essentials like cot, changing table, nursery storage and the all-important nursery rocking chair. The first and most important thing is to take a deep breath, in…and out. Then grab yourself a lovely cup of calming chamomile tea and read on for our top tips and tricks for designing your baby nursery. Don’t worry, this will be fun – we promise!


Let’s Start Where You Are.

You might have started imagining your baby nursery from the minute your baby was conceived (to each their own, right?) or you might only have a vague idea of what you need and want. Either way, start with what you know. Do you like neutral colours or bright pops? Are you tight for space? Do you like soft and warm (think ‘hygge’) or are you more clean lines and Scandi vibes? Pondering these questions will help you with the important step of choosing your essential baby nursery furniture pieces. Once these are sorted, you can go wild with nursery décor ideas. More on that later!


Let’s Put Safety First.

Your mama bear instincts will be kicking about now, and your baby’s safety will be your first priority. Think about things like: placement of heating and cooling vents (don’t have baby sleeping right under either); electrical sockets (make sure these are safely plugged); windows (be sure these can be securely fastened shut). You’ll also want to be sure all baby nursery furniture, whether brand new or second hand, meets Australian standards. You can go ahead and geek out on the details of these standards or instead just check labels and product information to be sure what you’re buying complies. Rest assured, all the Design Kids nursery furniture meets the relevant standards.


Let’s Go!

So now you have an idea of the look and feel of your baby’s nursery, and you’re aware of safety considerations, it’s time to choose the three main nursery furniture players: cot; changing table; and nursery feeding chair. Things to consider, apart from style and colour, are practicality and versatility. You may want nursery furniture that can grow with your child. And to be fair, it’s these key baby items that will take a large chunk of your budget, so it makes sense to get as much use from them as possible. 
  • Cot: choose a cot that has an ‘infant’ setting. That is, the cot mattress base can be raised while baby is little, to save your back. Just be sure to lower the cot bed before she sits up as she WILL pull herself up and she WILL try to escape! I don’t know who invented cots that convert to a junior bed, but I sure hope that person got some kind of medal. It’s genius, and means you won’t need to invest in another bed for 4-5 years. Shop our range of modern and contemporary cots and cot mattresses

Design Kids Aura Cot in White and Natural, $599


Babyletto Lolly Cot in White and Natural, $919


Babyletto Scoot Cot and Dresser in White and Washed Natural 


  • Changing table: if you are limited for space, (come to think of it, even if you are not) a changing table/baby dresser combo is the way to go. Not only will you save on space and gain valuable nursery storage (trust us, you’re going to need it), but as your baby grows you can simply remove the changing table top, and viola! – you have a fabulous dresser that could very well last until she moves out of home. Shop our range of change tables/baby dressers


Design Kids Aura Baby Changing Table and Dresser $599 (includes removable change top)


Babyletto Lolly Changing Table / Dresser $919


  • Nursery chair: this one’s for you, and boy this one is important. Comfort, support and practicality are key here because you and this chair are going to become very intimately acquainted. You’ll be feeding..cuddling..napping - possibly all three at once. You have options for either a nursery rocking chair, nursery glider chair or a recliner chair. There’s no right or wrong, so think about what you find comfortable and what features suits you best. Hint: they now come with a USB port. Shop our range of nursery chairs

Toco Swivel Glider & Ottoman in Black & White Boucle $1089

Kai Rocker in Natural Eco Twill $999


Let There Be (Night) Light

…but only a little bit. Preferably soft and warm. Don’t over look this small but important addition to your baby nursery essentials list, it will have a big impact on your days…and nights. You’ll need a light that can be easily reached and switched on and off with minimal fuss. Dimmable with different light levels is a must.  There might be nights when you need a bit more light for nappy, bedding or clothing changes, and there will be nights when the starts align and your baby barely wakes at all during her night-time feed, requiring minimal light. There is a surprisingly huge array of options in this category, a simple Google search for ‘nursery night light’ will produce a mind-boggling 129 million results. Our advise? You don’t need to spend a fortune, unless you want to of course, but do take time to consider the function as well as the form. You’ll thank yourself, possibly multiple times, every night.

One of our favourite Night Light's is this Gro Egg Night Light and Nursery Thermometre. Its larger, brighter design makes it even easier than before to check your little one is resting at the correct temperature. In addition to our innovative colour changing system and handy temperature display, the Egg 2 includes 4 adjustable brightness levels allowing you to use it as a nightlight or find a light level that suits your baby - available to purchase here.


Let’s Get Loose!

Now the fun really starts. With the key nursery furniture pieces selected, you can now officially go wild. Add as much or as little to the space as you want. Go all out with a theme, go with your dream matched design or follow a relaxed mix and match approach. We’re talking cot sheets, canopies, rugs, nursery storage, wall art and décor, baby play mats and the list goes on. And there are as many styles, colours and textures as there are twinkle twinkle little stars in the sky.

To consider:

  • Rugs add colour, warmth and absorb noise. They can also mask that squeaky floorboard when you’re trying to sneak out of the nursery when your baby has finally nodded off. (Just FYI - this will be when you discover how boomingly loud your own breathing is.)
  • Cot sheets are a versatile way to change up the room. You won’t need a huge amount of bedding to start with, and be sure to follow safe sleep guidelines, but you will need several sets of fitted sheets, preferably in a natural, breathable fibre like cotton or linen.
  • Feature walls, either painted, wallpapered or panelled are a fantastic, cost effective way to add wow factor to your nursery. Be sure to plan ahead to allow plenty of time for paint or glue fumes to dissipate.
  • Cot canopies are huge right now, and rightly so! They’re an easy way to add a touch of cute and cozy to your nursery, with the added bonus of creating a darker space for your baby to sleep. Just be sure to remove the canopy before your baby can use it to pull herself up.

And really, we would love to go on but let’s take a well-deserved breather. It’s a lot to think about! If you want to see more right now, you can shop our complete range of nursery accessories. Or if you’ve read all of this and are still unsure where to start, check out our exclusive Design Kids Styled Nursery Décor packages.

Now, time for another cuppa?