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Soft furnishings really add a level of love and comfort to a Nursery space, so mix and match gorgeous pieces accordingly. Here you'll find our curated range of modern baby cot linen, baby blankets, nursery cushions, baby play mats, ottomans and on trend decorative pieces that will punctuate your Nursery's interior style. Having difficulty pairing pieces together? Why not be inspired by some of our Design Kids Nursery Styleboards?

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Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in NaturalQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Natural
Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in RustQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Rust
Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in OliveQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Olive
Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in SeagrassQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Seagrass
Capri Velvet ShamCapri Velvet Sham
Asmara Velvet ShamAsmara Velvet Sham
Natural and Black Dot CushionNatural and Black Dot Cushion
Natural and Rust Dot CushionNatural and Rust Dot Cushion
Mustard Shell CushionMustard Shell Cushion
Blush Shell CushionBlush Shell Cushion
Knitted Cushion in NaturalKnitted Cushion in Natural
Knitted Cushion in BiscuitKnitted Cushion in Biscuit
Cloud Cushion in ToffeeCloud Cushion in Toffee
Cloud Cushion in NaturalCloud Cushion in Natural
Haiku Birds Cushion
Rainbow Velvet Cushion in Wild BrownRainbow Velvet Cushion in Wild Brown
Pierrot Moon CushionPierrot Moon Cushion
Cloud Cushion in Eden GreenCloud Cushion in Eden Green
Aristote Star Cushion in PinkAristote Star Cushion in Pink
Aristote Star Cushion in Wild BrownAristote Star Cushion in Wild Brown
Aristote Star Cushion in YellowAristote Star Cushion in Yellow
Savanna Velvet Toy Basket - Jungle GreenSavanna Velvet Toy Basket - Jungle Green
Savanna Velvet Toy Basket - Wild BrownSavanna Velvet Toy Basket - Wild Brown
Rylie Round Cushion - ToffeeRylie Round Cushion - Toffee
Rylie Round Cushion - LilacRylie Round Cushion - Lilac
Rylie Round Cushion - PearRylie Round Cushion - Pear
Rylie Round Cushion - MelonRylie Round Cushion - Melon
Blue Circus Floor CushionBlue Circus Floor Cushion
Butterscotch Shag Floor CushionButterscotch Shag Floor Cushion
Large Pansy European CushionLarge Pansy European Cushion
Darling Knit CushionDarling Knit Cushion
Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in OatQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Oat
Quilted Linen Baby Play Mat in SunflowerQuilted Linen Baby Play Mat in Sunflower

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