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An essential element of any child's nursery, our baby change tables & dressers give you the flexibility of space and storage all in one. With a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from you will find a baby change table / baby dresser to suit your baby’s nursery style. There's nothing like that feeling of having your Baby Change Table full of teeny tiny baby clothes, nappies, wipes + other essentials and all organised and ready for baby!

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Making your baby change routine much easier to handle!

Not sure if you actually need a baby change table / dresser? 

Well the answer is a resounding yes! Having one of these change tables / baby dressers will most certainly make your job much easier. Why? Well to begin with, you’ll be changing alot of nappies for at least the first few years of baby’s life – not to mention changing their teeny tiny clothes as well! Having them up high on a table will save your back, especially as they grow.

Our baby dressers are made from quality timber and designed to be practical storage units that match with the rest of your nursery furniture. The best kind of change table/ baby dresser will provide a safe change tray surface up top with ample space. A change pad is generally placed on top to be provide extra comfort. Additional shelves and drawers can be used to store your baby’s fresh nappies, baby wipes, clothes and other necessary accessories. Better still all of our change tables and baby dresser products are designed to be used well beyond the Nursery – when the baby nappy changing phase is done, use the dresser as a storage unit for toys, games, clothes and books for years after. 

Our large range of modern baby dressers and baby change tables are the best in Australia and available here on 

With a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from you will find a baby change table / baby dresser to suit your baby’s nursery style. 

Ubabub MOD Dresser 

Presenting the all-new MOD Dresser designed to provide great storage capacity as well as ample space on the top for changing baby safely. This MOD Dresser is made from ash wood and includes 4 drawers along with a stylish geometric bent steel frame. A furniture design piece that can be used well beyond the Nursery. 

Nifty Dresser 

Another great option is our Nifty Dresser which comes with 3 drawers. The Nifty Dresser is a beautiful modern furniture piece that showcases the texture and natural grain of the wood. Moreover, you can use its deep drawers to store all of your baby’s accessories and clothes perfectly with a removable changing tray to extend the life of the dresser. 

Apart from these Nifty and MOD dressers, Design Kids Australia is also home to a huge array baby nursery furniture products including baby cots, baby rockers, mattresses and pads as well as a selection of modern bookshelves.

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