When you’re expecting a new baby, thinking about beginning your nursery space can feel a little exciting and often a lot overwhelming. The options and inspiration for creating a gorgeous nursery space can seem endless. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve put together a step-by-step Nursery Design Timeline which will ensure you don’t have to rush anything. In fact, if you allow yourself plenty of time we have a hunch you’ll probably even enjoy the process and have your baby room well and truly ready by your due date. Leaving you with some time up your sleeve to focus on you and your growing baby in that final trimester! Just remember preparation is key. So let’s get this rolling!

Lock in your look | 12-20 weeks

Ok, so Instagram and Pinterest are streaming with dream nursery inspiration. But at some point between 12 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, you need to start to narrow down that dream ‘Nursery Style’. But where do you start? Here are a few key questions to ask yourself to get those nursery style juices flowing; Are you going to find out the sex of your baby? If so will this affect your design or will you keep it gender neutral? Will the design flow into the style of the rest of your home or would you prefer it to stand out as a baby’s nursery? Where do your style choices in the rest of your home take you? Remember, you are going to spend a great deal of time in this space, with your new little love, so make sure it appeals to your taste. No matter what look you lean towards, aim to have it locked in by around 20 weeks. Creating a moodboard or styleboard can really help you with the next few steps and to keep you on track with your original ideas and inspiration. This nursery style board would typically include: cot, change table / dresser, nursing chair & side table, lighting, decor - cushions, baby bedding, storage, bookshelves, mobiles and wall decor (wall hangings, artwork).

Add to cart | 20-25 weeks

Once you’ve locked in your theme or style and have created your mood board or folder of gorgeous nursery love on Instagram or pinterest, it’s time to lock in some big nursery items.

The bigger nursery furniture items, such as cot, change table / dresser, nursing chair and nursery storage furniture are all ‘one time buy’ items. Investing in well designed, safe, good quality, modern pieces is a very wise decision. Buying these nursery big-ticket items earlier sets the tone for your nursery and makes purchasing soft furnishings much easier.

Get your partner on board at this stage too! You might need a little help getting these pieces together and in their place. Order now and even if the boxes stay wrapped up tightly for a few weeks yet, at least its all on hand and almost ready to go!

Sort your walls | 23-25 weeks

If you plan on changing the colour of your walls, it’s time decide on a paint colour and have the room painted or wallpapered so it has plenty of time to air out before you, baby or baby’s things are hanging out in there (even if you are using with a low or no VOC paint). We want nothing to mask that beautiful new baby smell! If you have purchased your cot mattress by this time it is also good to remove it’s packaging and air it out as well, even the low tox versions made locally.


Get organised, to get organised! | 25-27 weeks

Yep, so you’re finally ready to commit to assembling the all important cot! Once this goes up there’s no going back! In fact it’s generally where you pause with your partner and have a moment of realisation that it’s really happening!! Planning and organising your baby change station is also a fairly big and important task. It involves making space for nappies, wipes, rash creams, a change pad and the all important nappy bin. Nightly changes are much easier if everything has a place. Also take stock of essential newborn and baby toy storage. You will need more of this than you think! Also those gorgeous newborn baby gifts can come in thick and fast. So really think through your nursery storage!

Have a think about lighting. You don’t want to have to turn the main light on during feeds and changes. Keeping the lights low, helps keep bub calm and sleepy, so consider a soft lamp. Consider a side table for beside your nursing chair, for placing water jugs, cup, phone and breast pump on.

By now, try to have your big nursery items assembled and in place, so you can ensure your room layout delivers some top notch form and function.

Add the Magic | 27-36 weeks

While you’re still pretty nimble and not completely exhausted, it’s a great time to hang prints, put up lighting and start to put away some of the beautiful pieces you have collected on your nursery design journey. Soft furnishings really add a level of love and comfort to a space, so curate gorgeous pieces accordingly.

Take some time to test out your nursery chair. Do you have a spot nearby for a drink? Do you need an ottoman? Is there a lamp you can reach from here? Pick a beautiful soft and warm throw for yourself for night time feeds. This nursery space is just as much for you as your baby. Make sure you love it and add enough magic for yourself to make sure you do!

Pop on the polish | 36 weeks

It’s go time! Well, maybe not yet, but soon enough. Having your nursery sorted by this stage means you can enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy without a flat pack assembling argument in sight. With bubs clothes washed and popped away in the dresser, the cot made up with some adorable linen, toys and book nook sorted and the change station ready for action, all that’s left to do is to pack that maternity hospital bag, pop on some music, put up your tired feet up and enjoy a final few hot cups of tea!!