Receive a free bangle valued at $79 - pictured above - with every cot purchase this May.

We recently discovered the most beautiful Australian modern jewellery brand we wanted to share with you. Not only does this fabulous Australian small business curate gorgeous accessories, they are also a purpose driven brand that supports all women, but especially Mamas.

Created by Priya Radia in 2018, The Ovl Collection is a range of stunningly simple bangles, necklaces and bracelets, each with a special meaning, many of which are engraved right there on the piece. Priya designs the entire collection herself; ‘I wanted to keep things simple and minimalist. After becoming a mum, I don’t have the time or energy to work out what goes with what anymore! So I like pieces that I can throw on with any outfit and know they’ll look amazing.’

Priya, a qualified lawyer and mum of two beautiful girls, aged 2 and a half and just four weeks old, created the brand after her career was suddenly interrupted when her contract as a management consultant in the not-for-profit space was cancelled when her eldest daughter was just 9 weeks old.

While Priya had just created a beautiful little life, she couldn’t help but feel powerless by the experience of losing her career. It motivated her to create a brand that celebrated motherhood and to remind women how incredible they are. Priya chose jewellery, as it can be worn every day, as a constant reminder of a woman’s strength. The collection is designed to be added upon as we reach new milestones in motherhood.

Not content with just creating a gorgeous collection, Priya also wanted to ensure her brand had a purpose. For every piece that is purchased, another is donated to a woman who could use a little symbol of hope, strength and support. She also supports two Sydney based hospitals and an organisation which supports victims of Domestic Violence.

Priya is proud to have created an amazing community of customers, with many returning to add to their collection or to purchase gifts for their friends. We know that being a mum with tiny children and running a successful small business is a constant challenge, Priyas advice for Mums looking to start their own business is ‘Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve, not your to-do list. If something isn’t helping you to achieve that outcome, don’t do it, or at the very least don’t prioritise it and only get to it if you have time. Secondly, be kind to yourself. Some days you can do it all and other days you can’t. Business is a marathon and if you’re not taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself along the way, either you won’t make it, or it won’t be worth it when you do”

We are thrilled to stand with Priya and The Ovl collection, as we celebrate the ups, downs, challenges and triumphs of motherhood. To applaud you and your journey into Motherhood, we will be gifting a silver cuff bangle with every cot purchase for the month of May.

This Motherhood cuff bangle (pictured above) is engraved with a reminder that your body tells an incredible story. One of love, growth and sacrifice. Wear it with pride as you embrace your strength and the beautiful changes that motherhood brings. 

Thank you for creating such a fabulous brand Priya!

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