Our stylish range of rocking chairs, swivel gliders, recliners and nursery chairs are all especially designed for extreme comfort and practicality whilst nursing your baby.

At Design Kids, you’ll find a wide collection of nursing chairs, feeding chairs, rocking chairs, nursery recliners and gliders that are specifically designed for you and baby.

A well designed Nursing Chair will provide the ultimate support for you while feeding your baby. Our Sleepytime Rocking Chairs rock back and forth on an arc with traditional rocking legs to help soothe and comfort baby. Our range of recliners and gliders move back and forth and also swivel in a smooth 360 degree motion.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your Nursing Chair, so finding the perfect one that combines comfort, practicality and style should be a high priority. If you’ve not breastfed or bottlefed a baby before it’s important to note that a comfortable rocker or glider with a straight, cushioned back is so important. Second to that, the height and cushioning of the arms and whether they’re designed to rest your elbows easily, is also a key design factor.  Supportive padded armrests also allow for better positioning while nursing.

The good news is, as parents ourselves, we have designed and sourced an array of Nursing Chairs that tick all these boxes!

Our top tips for choosing the ideal Nursing Chair:

Is it comfortable?

We know it’s often tempting to get carried away with the look and style of a furniture piece but when it comes to your feeding chair … but beware! You’ll be spending a lot of time in that chair and will need it to be cosy and supportive. That cool, wing-back chair that matches your décor might become a wasteful purchase if it’s not going to properly support you during this phase. Some of our feeding chairs even recline back and allow you to raise your feet on a foot rest – a great investment given how long it can take to feed.

Can you get out of it easily?

Just think you’ll be getting up and down with a baby in your arms often whilst feeding – sometimes whilst your bubs is fast asleep. Is your ideal feeding chair designed with this in mind? All of our Nursing Chairs, Rockers and Gliders have this covered.

Is it durable?

Well this chair is going to see it all… milk, spew, poo and snacks so you’ll need to purchase one that has a durable fabric that can be wiped clean. All of the fabrics used on our Nursing Chairs can be wiped clean with solvents, foam or cotton-based cleaners.

Will it stand the test of time?

Keep in mind that long after the infant years are behind you, your baby or toddler will still love to be rocked, perhaps while reading their favourite story. A roomier chair will better accommodate for this purpose. A nursery chair is definitely about providing a comfortable space for bonding that lasts both of you a lifetime.

No matter what you choose, rocking your baby is a timeless act of parenthood that should be cherished. Holding onto a baby as they drift off to sleep in your arms is one of the first joys of motherhood, and you just may experience it in the chair that you choose! Make it a good one! 

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